uPVC Casement Doors Designs

Welltech Systems uPVC Casement doors are demanded products compared to conventional timber doors which are vulnerable to termite attacks and all sorts of pest. The UPVC Casement Doors are the new generation doors designed for large openings. 

And these uPVC casement doors are smooth to operate as well. This new-generation door, designed for large openings, joins multiple sashes in a unique slide and fold mechanism. These uPVC Casement doors are very toughened to with stand any climate conditional changes and acts as an assert of beauty to your ambience.

Welltech Systems uses heavy duty 2D, 3D hinges for supporting these uPVC doors ensuring its firm grip in spite of vigorous usage. In this casement doors the opening is non-restricted and access is thoroughly granted making it a best choice. We offer a wide collection of casement doors, which opens inwards or outwards.


Welltech Systems uPVC Casement doors are manufactured as clockwise / Anti-clockwise notion opening doors as per your space and need. The Casements are usually very long lasting and durable. They do not expand or contract within a vast range of temperatures, making them usable in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

These uPVC profiles are also very long-lasting and do not go through usual wear and tear in general conditions. These uPVC Casement Doors are built with ESPAG Multiple and Central locking system which hands over complete safety.

Welltech Systems offer casement doors in different sizes and designs.

  • Door frame and slash are galvanized with steel reinforcement.
  • Hinges and adjoining joints are welded with perfection.
  • No question of igniting to fire or corrosion effects.
  • Very good reliable locking system.
  • Easy and handy maintenance.
  • Slope rebate of frame assists to drain out water quickly
  • Co-extruded sash and glazing bead with lips makes the tight sealant and easy working on assembly
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