Aluminium Sliding Doors with Mosquito Net

In heavily populated metro cities life is at stake with compact and packed living/working space and sometimes it is very obvious that we do not find proper space to open our windows or doors even.

To overcome this inadequate situations Welltech Systems introduced a slim sliding motion for holding your meshing needs that is “ Sliding Mesh Doors “, these are very portable incase of your packed up balconies.

With a No-space consumption these sliding doors acts on horizontal motion to open up a vent for you, and the net materials that are used in this door screens are:

The special catchments system design, keeps away the breeze affect to the low, result in rainwater and dusts enter.

  • Fiber glass nets
  • Aluminium nets
  • Stainless steel nets

Sliders overcome limited space availability by installing retractable screen that is very easy in maintenance.

Welltech Systems Slider Door Screens provide a transparent appearance allowing much required light and breeze to lighten up your senses without even worrying about the flying pest.

Sliding Mosquito net Door System is a bang on with very good features:

  • Simple installation which doesn’t need alteration now and then.
  • The perfected beauty in its design adds elegance and compliments your surroundings.
  • This gives you the option to minimize the entry to light to you.
  • Horizontal motion of these screens is an extra advantage as it consumes very less space.
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