Mosquito Pleated Doors in Hyderabad

Mosquito Pleated Doors are Deliverance of luxurious Style beyond expectations is the key note of Welltech Systems, most of the designed ambiance always look to induce more style to its current existence. So, these Pleated Door Screens are worthy products which can spice up look and feel of your living.

Welltech Systems’s pleated mosquito door screens are the output of good-quality polyester fiber, which can be altered according to the required door size but can also keep the flying pest giving you double purpose fulfillment.

Visibility, Resistivity and compatibility are much fathomed features of any product but when it comes to Welltech Systems’s pleated door screens it stuns its audience by its majestic horizontal flow wether it’s an elongated balconies, or larger path ways.

Without the need of existing Door frames these pleated door screens can fill up the long distances just by its structural ease created from its durable design. Welltech Systems introduced Pleated Door screens which are designed to integrate seamlessly to your living areas so they become a perfect addition to your home.

Note worthy point:  Pleated Insect Door Screens are available for big openings up to 12 feet width x 8 ft height.General features:

  • Plisse fabric
  • EC Norm, high wind resistance Class 3.
  • Mosquito screen easily modified in terms of width & height.
  • Installation with detailed instructions
  • Practical, everyday use.
  • Optimal maneuverability
  • Discreet fold
  • Mechanism without springs
  • Perfect for large openings, Large Balcony’s and Utility Places.
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