Pleated Mosquito Net window

Pleated Mosquito Net window is a touch of class artistry product from Welltech Systems, in general most of the living/working ambience is craftily altered according to one’s taste similarly to fit such decorative taste we came up with this plisse fabricated screens.

pleated mosquito net manufacturers

Welltech Systems’s revolutionary pleated mosquito screen made of high-quality polyester fiber can be assembled regardless of the window or door size which not only keeps the flying pest out but gives shear luxurious output. The inner nested cords holding each and every slide enables durability and offers good resistivity during high winds as it is manufactured from desired powder coated aluminium profile having the screen material of mesh.

Pleated Mosquito Net windows in Hyderabad

Aspect to speak is its glorious visibility, it may be a regular living ambience or a party hall this pleated screens of Welltech Systems allows you to nurture your mood to the beat, whether it may be a horizontal/vertical slide on/away it gives you stunning applause from your visitors.

Grand appearances are not only made by designs but due to its quality and longevity, this all rounder from Welltech Systems not only gives you a Show but shows its strength always.

Pleated Insect Screen ( Mosquito Net ) Provides:

  • Never slam shuts and easy to open.
  • Proper ventilation, comfortable vision, allows fresh air.
  • Good color fastness cannot fade under sunshine for long time.
  • Long-life with pushing for 10000 times at least after assembled on window screen.
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