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Welltech Systems initiative GREEN – SCREEN

Welltech Systems initiative GREEN – SCREEN is an innovative approach to project ideal views about the world we live in , Humans through centuries have underestimated Trees and their share to balance environment but now it is the time where we should protect and plant them even more. We should use alternatives for the products which use Trees as the raw materials thus moving on to next generation products such as Welltech’s uPVC Windows and Doors..

Millions of trees die to give you perfect ambience

Do you know it takes millions of trees to meet our furniture needs, which we choose precisely and custom make them according to our sense of taste. But , wait and think for a moment is there any thing we can do to stop this chop down of trees which gives us plenty of oxygen to breath- Yes!, there is one thing you can do; Use uPVC windows and doors instead of Wooden windows and doors as Most of the trees are used to make these windows and doors itself; Shift to Eco-Friendly uPVC Windows and Doors and be a part of our Green-Screen.

Alternatives to use

To stop this unwanted usage of timber Welltech has its strong roots in protecting green life on this planet. If you ask us an alternative for wood then here it is uPVC; You can Welltech’s uPVC windows and doors instead of the conventional timber windows and doors. The look and feel of uPVC is fantastic and it also add’s one brand to your ambience i.e. you are part of Green-Screen revolution that is against unwanted chopping of healthy and useful trees.

Eco-Friendly uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC,or it can be called as vinyl windows can insulate a room. In tropical countries like India temperatures are un even and can reach peaks instantly so uPVC can prevent a room from heating up rapidly.This phenomena is due to the presence of air between the two panes of double glazed glass.

Wooden windows need maintenance every year and it will damaged by high winds and rain,thus wood swells if exposed to high humidity and wood cracks if its exposed to less humidity; paint peels also need touch up’s whereas In contrast uPVC is impervious to any weather. uPVC are maintenance free virtually and offers a lifespan of 25 years.

Wooden windows are obviously involve unwanted chopping of trees to make; thus be considered to be non eco-friendly;whereas uPVC involve no-killing of any living substance.

uPVC windows are equipped with much needed sophisticated locking system;that offer best security for a home than wooden doors and windows.

Finally, uPVC windows and doors are manufactured in all variant colors and specifications to fit the taste of any house-owner.

Comparing Welltech uPVC windows and doors with Aluminium and wood

We will be amazed by seeing the below mentioned comparisions between Welltech’s uPVC ; Aluminium and wood. This helps you to figure out the best alternative source for conventional timber which is very harmful to environment whereas uPVC in the other hand is Eco-friendly and carries biological values. Welltech uPVC Windows and Doors stand best. The comparisions above clearly speak how uPVC is Eco-friendly.

uPVC Advantages

  • UPVC is alwaysEnvironment- Friendly
  • uPVC is 100% Recycable in  nature
  • uPVC manufactured with min energy
  • uPVC is a best thermal insulator
  • uPVC offers best sound insulation; protecting your privacy
  • uPVC comes in your desired size and color
  • uPVC is always reliable and durable
  • uPVC ultra strong and secured


Energy Conservation


Dimensional Accuracies

Surface Quality

Thermal Insulation

Fire Properties

Acoustic Insulation












conserves 7.5 times more



Corrision starts

being metal poor insulation


Corners render poor result



high usage of energy

Regular painting & polishing

Marginly Fair

Requires regular up keeping


Very poor, easily catches fire



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