Pvc Bathroom Doors

Welltech Systems an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is an exclusive manufacturer of Bath Room Doors made of aluminum powder coated framing and solid PVC sheet. Till now you might be familiar with Bath room doors which are soaking with rust and termites and in most of the cases you don’t find durable fittings and clumsy textures. So, to keep a check to all this, Welltech Systems Bathroom Doors are exclusively designed to handle all these criteria’s.

You can find Welltech Systems toilet doors always Rust-free and clean, Fittings which we use are of high quality material which ensures long lastivity and pro-longed usage. The best but not the least is we deliver the strong PVC sheet inside aluminium frame to give you optimum output.

Our bath room doors are excellent structured designed makes it look elegant and suitable to all residences, hospitals, hotels, etc. Bathroom doors are relatively smaller than in size than other doors in any home gives a choice to maximize the door opening space.

If you end up using a broken or termite infested timber door and are ready to change it but the limitation of what to do with the wooden frame is pulling u back, then Welltech Systems PVC Bathroom door has a solution for it. Welltech Systems will use your old/existing wooden frame to built aluminium PVC bathroom door on it giving you reusability. 

Welltech Systems bathroom door system offers different door types for bathrooms which saves space and cost effective. When you have a bigger size bathroom sliding door is the best as it opens up your door space fully. Open able door among all other types of doors; consume the most space of the opening.

Welltech Systems offers three types of Bathroon Doors:

  1. UPVC Bathroom Doors

As we all know prolonged soaking of wooden doors yield adverse effects but UPVC Bathroom Doors stands still no matter what ever the prolongivity you expose it to water making it free from rust and is best product to opt. It can affordable by everyone as Welltech Systems have developed these UPVC Bathroom Doors that fit your budget perfectly.

  1. PVC Bathroom Doors

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is the plastic which is used for multi purposes. PVC Bathroom Doors are easy to install and now a days these doors become every architects finest choise. Welltech Systems offers best PVC sheet which is more reliable and rust free.

  1. Aluminium Bathroom Doors

You can use Aluminium  bathroom doors for your bathrooms which are the main places where doors are exposed to prolonged water. And we know that soaking in water gives it rust, termite infestation, decrease in life span. But Welltech Systems uses Aluminium to build these bath room doors giving it surpass agility above conventional timber doors. Welltech Systems assures you with the strength of Aluminium as its non-volatile nature and usage of high graded materials makes it hard to break.

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