1. What is meant by uPVC?

Ans: uPVC is known for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a type of vinyl which is made out of petroleum and salt, and it has recyclable nature.

  1. Why change to uPVC windows and doors instead of aluminium or timber?

Ans: Welltech Systems uPVC windows and doors can withstand intense moisture, high tropical humidity, effecting pollutants which can assault wood and metal.


3.Is uPVC similar to plastic?

Ans: Absolutely not, Welltech Systems uPVC windows and doors are made out of unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride which is a unique chemical composition than plastic.

4.Will Welltech Systems uPVC Windows and Doors Discolour?

Ans: Profiles which are used in fabricating uPVC windows are Stabilized by the exposure of ultra violet rays denoting its original white color, which will never fade.

5.Will Welltech Systems uPVC Peel off like timber doors?

Ans: No, the color and texture is smoothly furnished and not painted on, thus it has the similar look throughout its structure.

6.How will Welltech Systems uPVC windows and doors helps in air quality?

Ans: Surprisingly, Welltech Systems uPVC can keep inner air quality better over prolonged usage. You might be wondering how? By its ultra smooth finish; easy clean featuring surface, dust-particles cannot ground in. Moreover the textural smooth surface acts as a barrier to resists build-up of pollutants. Hospitals prefer uPVC or vinyl for flooring

7.Are Welltech Systems uPVC Windows and Doors strong enough?

Ans: Welltech Systems window and door frames are galvanized internally with steel reinforcement. And as well, uPVC window and door comprise of a fusion welded corners , so there is no need of mechanical fixing. Which drastically reduce the chance of breakage to minimum in comparison to windows and doors which use mechanical fixings

8.Are Welltech Systems uPVC Windows and Doors affordable?

Ans: Welltech Systems uPVC windows and Doors are very affordable in comparison to other window systems on the market, but considering energy saving you will definitely cherish by using our uPVC windows and door systems.

9.Which one is best Welltech Systems uPVC window and doors or aluminium and wood?

Ans: Welltech Systems uPVC windows and doors are energy efficient and uPVC offers below mentioned advantages:

Welltech Systems uPVC windows will never corrode

Ideal for any ambience.

Virtually maintenance free

Premier point is to speak about their thermal property.

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