Pulley Cloth Drying hangers in Mumbai

Welltech Systems pioneer in creating and manufacturing sophisticated and efficient Cloth Drying Hanger which is a leading firm in India and this product is used to dry your clothes in convenient way to the Ceiling. This product Cloth Drying hanger Service is present at Mumbai by our authorized dealer.

Welltech System Cloth Hanger’s offers premier quality which is reliable and long lasting use and are Eco friendly in nature which helps in reduction of carbon foot prints, in turn saves your energy and electricity.

Ceiling Hanger comes in different variations comprising 2 lines, 4 lines & 6 lines and individually adjustable drying Stainless Steel rods.

This Product is also available in different lengths like 5ft, 6 ft, 7ft, 8ft and universal width of 2feet. The space between the individual pipes allows smooth air flow between clothes and reduces mildew and smell.

It Saves lot of space, useful in all weather conditions and clothes dry sooner. We can see in the regular conventional cloth drying system, the clothes are damaged in point of color and life span of clothes reduced due to the excessive exposure to sun and dust. But, by using Welltech Ceiling cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its color and the life span of clothes will be more.

It is also useful in Hotels, Hospitals and Hostels. It is very much easy to understand and operate by everyone freely.

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Balaji Pulley Cloth Drying Systems
813/6, Balaji Nagar,
Narpoli, Bhiwandi, Dist-Thane

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+91 7207509509

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