Mosquito Stainless Steel Insect Screen Mesh FAQ

Welltech Systems high graded stainless steel mesh is a good quality net that offers high resistivity towards rust and the holes are minutely fine enough to obstruct mosquitos or any insects that may want to enter your homes.


It is designed for Insect control, and is very ideal for use in your kitchen windows and doors as the insect attack is to its peak in these areas so keeping it in mind we have developed the super ultra mesh built purely out of stainless steel.

We all know the strength of Stainless steel so imagine the mesh that is woven out of fine steel wires; it will be one heck of an insect repellent for your living/working spaces.

Welltech Systems Stainless Steel net has following goodies to offer:

Built with precision and built to stay long.

Super fine pores allow good light and air but obstruct any insect no matter of size and shape, they may come.

Fits naturally to your pre-existing ambience.

Ultra strong neither any one can underestimate the strength of steel

Perfect for high insect traffic areas like kitchen, dining hall windows and doors.


Q: Why we call stainless steel really stainless?

A: To achieve stainless steel the steel should contain at least 10.5 % chromium. It is chromium that reacts with our surrounding air to form a complicate chromeoxide layer which is invisible but it is the main reason which resists stainless steel from undergoing rust


Q: Can I clean this steel mesh or is there any other procedure to clean?

A: No, there are no prescribed procedures to clean stainless steel mesh, your simple dusting brush can clean them effectively plus this means Welltech Systems stainless steel mesh is super strong and easy-to-clean.


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