Can mosquito net stop snakes?


Mosquito screen Protects from Snakes…

However, PGI experts say a simple mosquito net can save many lives of snakebite victims and simple precautions like sleeping on a cot (snakes are not able to climb) will keep the reptiles away. “Since many people, especially the poor and farmers who usually sleep on the floor, may not be able to afford cots, mosquito nets have been found to be very useful.

They not only offer protection against insects way but also prevent snakes from coming in contact with the person sleeping inside. This simple and cheap intervention should be made available to construction workers and farm labourers,”said Dr Ashish Bhalla, head of the PGI’s emergency department.

Hindustan Times.

Welltech Mosquito screen Protects from Snakes also…

Mosquito screen Protects from Snakes?

How to avoid snakebites

Mosquito screen Protects from Snakes…

This is true incident of REC Electrical depot (Governament)at appa junction on 25 th february 2014 Hyderabad at night time. At REC a few trainees were sleeping in dormitory. The windows were open and is protected by Welltech Mosquito mesh. Every trainee were in deep sleep. A snake enter into the window and was trying to enter into the room. Since a Mosquito mesh was placed for protection from mosquito’s, the snake could not enter into the room. After some time the window with glass was closed due to heavy wind.

The snake was not able to go back as the window got closed. It was trying to enter into the room through the mosquito mesh. Since mesh was properly fixed, the snake was not able to enter into the room. It starting Hissing and after few minutes when the trainees heard the sound of the snake. The got up and found that the snake was stuck in between the window and  mesh. This snap was taken by one of the trainee in the room.

Later it was informed to the director of the REC. The director was very thankful for the mesh installation which help the REC from snake proof netting. The snake, which happens to be Cobra a dangerous snake. The Welltech Systems mesh is not only used for mosquitos, Mosquito screen protects from Snakes also, insects from entering in, it also protects us from snake protection net. 

Welltech Systems is “A Complete Mosquito Netting Solutions” for mosquitos, insects, snakes etc.

Snake bites and related venomous insect bites are more common in the villages during the rainy season. In expanding cities, the problem is even greater for the suburbs. Every year during the rainy season, water enters the burrows of the snakes and the snakes come out in search of food. Snakes often bite humans only by accident. Dangers of snakebite can be prevented only when people are made aware of the dangers of snakebite.

Snakes and few arthropods bring out fear among humans as they pose threat to life. Fear for snakes is expected as worldwide snakebite causes 125,000 deaths every year. Among all the countries affected, India alone contributes to 40% of global burden of snakebite deaths.

Welletch Systems, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is an authorized distributor and stockist of mosquito mesh, mosquito screens, mosquito mesh from Tuflex, India. This mosquito screen also Tuflex india brand net. Tuflex India offer complete range of mosquito screens, mosquito mesh, mosquito nets by any manufacturer in the world. These are exclusively designed exactly  “snake proof mesh” as per the requirements of clients.

Tuflex innovatively designed and manufactured

“Snake protection net” and insect screen helps to provide a mosquito snake free home to all. These insect screens are available in trendy and attractive colors to suit the varied tastes. Mosquito Screens totally prevents the entry of mosquitoes, reptiles and other insects through windows and doors.

Tuflex India are manufactures and exports in the widest range of world class products in the field of polymer nets, knitted fabric and allied products. Earlier known as Netlon India, a division of Parry Enterprises India Ltd. and part of the highly diversified Murugappa group of companies.

On 25 th february 2014, This is true incident of REC Electrical depot at appa junction

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