Mosquito Net FAQ

1.How Welltech Systems mosquito nets are made?

Ans: Welltech Systems nets are made tough, with the usage of ultra durable fibers. Our Mesh strength is twice comparative to any other net fibers used in traditional netting. These unique features of Welltech Systems mosquito net will increase its service span even in while used in external environments.


  1. What makes Welltech Systems windows and doors screens unique in market?

Ans: Welltech Systems not only acts as barriers to mosquitos and flying insects it allows ambient light and air inside your living/working space.

3.Do this mosquito mesh are heavier to my window or door post?

Ans: No, not at all. These meshes come in varied varieties allowing users to choose the best for their surroundings. And the sleek and slim frames used fit perfectly into your natural ambience.

  1. Can I wash Welltech Systems Mesh Net if it gets dirty?

Ans: Absolutely. Welltech Systems Nets are easy in washing as it provides simple re-installation procedure even a common man could do. And few variations of our nets comes equipped with in built cleaning mechanism which is totally wash proof and dust proof.

  1. Will it fit my budget?

Ans: Welltech Systems has products to offer to every class and sector, take it to a hefty corporate need or a sweet home need. Our products rule and fit well to any one’s purse.

  1. Can Welltech Systems Retractable fly screens and pleated insect screens be installed on my pre-existing windows and doors?

Ans : Obviously yes. Welltech Systems retractable fly screens and pleated insect screens are perfect fit to any kind of windows and door surfaces.

  1. Can Welltech Systems retractable fly screens be used to screen a veranda, patio or balcony?

Ans : Ofcourse , Surely Welltech Systems Mosquito screens and nets are manufactured keeping in mind the need to fulfill the customer needs . Whether it might be an elongated balconies or path ways these screens can be used as Slim Visible Screens that can uphold your privacy.

8.Are Welltech Systems Mosquito screens/mesh children friendly?

Ans : Welltech Systems materials are non-toxic emitting products and retractable fly screens have an inbuilt smooth closing mechanism which means you never have to bother about the windows or doors slamming suddenly on your children’s tender fingers Welltech Systems pleated insect screen are Smooth sliding nature, using cord pulley system unlike spring load; which is easy to operate down from the handle making it easy and fun to use for children.

Advantages of Welltech Systems mosquito Nets include:

Easy in Installation with no required specific alterations to your surroundings.

Best barrier for all flying pest

Offers best Protection from Biting Mosquitoes

Increased Ventilation gives you serene feeling to stay

Power packed Durability

Mesh is very resistant to easy tearing.

Handy mesh to wash and maintain,

Best used in rugged and space less areas as well.

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