Lesso upvc profile

PVC was accidentally synthesized by German chemists in past 90yrs before. After Few Years PVC Designed for commercial uses by moulding pvc intu Rigit PVC (Unplastic Vinyl Chloride). uPVC is extensively used in the building industry as a low-maintenance material, particularly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, in the United States and Canada.


In the USA and Canada it is known as vinyl, or vinyl siding. The material comes in a range of colors and finishes, including a photo-effect wood finish, and is used as a substitute for painted wood, mostly for window frames and sills when installing double glazing in new buildings, or to replace older single-glazed windows. Other uses include fascia, and siding or weatherboarding.

This material has almost entirely replaced the use of cast iron for plumbing and drainage, being used for waste pipes, drainpipes, gutters and downspouts.

uPVC does not contain phthalates, since those are only added to flexible PVC, nor does it contain BPA. uPVC is known as having strong resistance against chemicals, sunlight, and oxidation from water. uPVC Products are Most using in Ireland, the United Kingdom, in the United States and Canada. This Product Majorly using from long time in Cold Countries. After So Many Years Our Asian Industries Tried to use this uPVC Product in Asian Countries by making the profile comfirtable to our asian weathers. Finally Few Chemists are made a profile that is perfectly reported we can use it for asian weather. In that one of the company is LESSO. Lesso is designed EITI profile for uPVC. For Lesso Welltech Systems is the Trusted and Tested Profile Distributors and upvc Manufacturers in Hyderabad India.

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