Cloth Drying Hangers Wall Mounted

Cloth Drying Hangers Wall Mounted of Welltech Systems are made by Aluminium and Steel Metarial that attached to your walls and can use in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., And this design is designed in collapsing modal with this option we can collapse the hangers and drag them out. It is mainly busy in designing and manufacturing the intelligent home appliances. Its clothes racks have obtained great reputation. We can carry this Collapse model hangers in easy way. This hangers quality is made with good material that will be not harm full to your cloths.

Cloth Drying Hangers Wall Mounted


  • Collapasable Design
  • Huge loading
  • Extend freely
  • Appliance both indoor and outdoor
  • Convenient and Beautiful.


  • The rack is made of Aluminium Steel which can Collapsable.
  • The material which has a huge loading so you can air basks in many things
  • It can extend freely and dry a lot of cloth, quilt and towel.
  • You can place it indoor or outdoor and fold into a small piece when it is not working.
  • Its Convenient, Beautiful and Economy.
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