Welltech Systems Bathroom Doors FAQ

  1. Can we use Aluminium for bathroom doors?

Ans: Absolutely yes! You can use Aluminium for your bathroom doors as bathrooms are the main places where doors are exposed to prolonged water. And we know that soaking in water gives it rust, termite infestation, decrease in life span. But welltech uses Aluminium to build these bath room doors giving it surpass agility above conventional timber doors.


  1. Are Aluminium bathroom doors strong enough?

Ans:You can bet on the strength of Aluminium with its non-volatile nature and usage of high graded materials makes it hard to break.

  1. What is the difference between wooden bathroom doors and aluminium bathroom doors?

Ans: As you know prolonged soaking of wooden doors yield adverse effects but Aluminium stands still no matter what ever the prolongivity you expose it to water making it best in the class product to opt.

  1. Does Aluminium bathroom doors are affordable when compared to other products in market?

Ans: With a sense of affordability Welltech has developed these aluminium bathroom doors that fit your budget perfectly.

  1. What about post-installation services for your products?

Ans: Of course, we have renowned customer support team who will offer services even after the installation we don’t deal in delay commitments but we value customers and our reputation. We stand and deliver timely service.

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