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Welltech Loose Note Couting - Red MG
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Cash Counting Machines - Red MG
Price: Rs: 7,500 /-
Incl. VAT

Welltech Systems Loose Note Counting REDMG is a heavy duty machine equipped with sophisticated note counting and as well as counterfeit note detection technology, where as it can count notes rapidly and easily with a flick. But, once it encounters fake note it automatically stops counting and warns us by showing its display in complete red. So, this model is named as RED MG the real red danger master for counterfeits.

Another interesting feature of this model is it can with hold the currency notes under denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 which are printed before 2005,isn’t it really smart. So, why delay grab on this little master who can count or detect.

It is indulged in offering a broad assortment of Fake Note Detector Counter’s with Automatic detecting with UV (Ultraviolet Detection), IR (Infrared Detection) & MG (Magnetic Detection) while cash counting. It also detects half notes, chained note detection. It is well equipped with accurate fake note detector with red light display.

Features of the Red MG Loose Note Counting Machines
  • Accurate Counting.
  • Counterfeit detection with UV, MG, IR.
  • 100 % Fake Note detection which detects Green RBI strip.
  • ADD/Batch option.
  • Additional Counter Display.
  • With LCD white /red display.
  • Technologically advanced Easy operations.
  •  Less maintenance.