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Welltech Fake Note Detector
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Fake Note Detector
Price: Rs. 1,650/-
Incl. VAT

Welltech Systems Counterfeit/fake note detector’s are portable and the rulers in banking sectors, with the continuous urge to count money this product is ideal for them who can run down bundles of money continuously with utmost ease.

The outstanding feature it’s packed with is its inbuilt space provides the opportunity to check 10-15 Currency notes at a time that too manually. It has a mounted magnifying glass on its top.

Unlike the plastic make which are common , this small buddy comes in complete metal which ensures its safety .

It is well equipped with a Magnifier glass which multiples the resolution of UV & watermark and identify the currency, detects most of the legal instruments including currency passport, cheque, credit card & other instruments. It operates with UV and Fluorescent Lamp for high detection.

Features of the Welltech Fake Note Detector
  • Operating with UV and Fluorescent Lamp
  • Magnifying Glass to observe currency clearly
  • Checking Notes will be in manual
  • We can check Passport’s, Visa’s, ATM card’s, Credit Card’s, Stamp Paper’s
  • Technologically advanced Easy operations
  • Less maintenance