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Welltech Systems Cash Counting Machines - FAQ
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1. How can I Easily Order Welltech Cash / Currency counting machines?
Ans: It is very simple to order Welltech Cash counting machines.
  •  You just have to drop an Email to us to get Proforma of the desired product.
  •  Considering the Proforma, you can decide the mode of payment– NEFT, Cash/ Cheque Deposit, etc.
  •  Once payment is sent to our account, your order will be processed by our dispatch section.
  • And we will send your requested product through Courier system and takes care of the prompt delivery.
  • To assist you for post-selling service, our Customer Support team will be always attentive to help you to clarify any further needs.
2. How reliable are Welltech Fake note detection Products?
Ans:Our products exhibit maximum utility along with value and comprehensive capability.
  • Welltech products are Worth of resources to spend on.
  • Welltech products and our workspaces compliment & act according to promote green theme all around.
  • Our products meet CE, RoHS & all credible International quality and safety standards.
  •  Our products standup to the American and European standards when it comes to performance.
  •  Welltech has earned reputation through dedication and vigorous hard work that keeps us as the best choice for customers.
  •  Welltech products undergo vivid test that enables them to work flawless irrespective of environment or conditions.
3. What about post-installation services of Welltech money counting / counterfeit cash detection Products?
Ans: Welltech provide excellent post -sale service support, as we know service plays the vital role in maintenance of the products you buy, and gives you true value for your purchase.
  • Welltech have specially trained dedicated team for service and maintenance, who responds timely on your request and troubleshoot any issue you may come up with.
  • Our quality team ensures best service and good response time, and warm attendance.
  • .Welltech telephonic customer care team will be up and running always to handle your calls and to provide you with the much needed information.